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How come? Random Musings about life….

If the world contains 7 billion people, whose faces we often have never seen, how come we’re not immediately startled when we first see a new face? How do you know it’s really  pretty, or ugly or plain? Is it the media that has informed you before you’ve even met that person?

If none of us know the hour of our passing how can we spend 8 hours of it in a job we simply despise?

If Jesus died for all of our sins, how come hell and purgatory exist?

We warn our citizens to protect themselves from crime. Do this! Do that! But why don’t we ever say “Hey MoFo’s! What’s going on?! Don’t kill! Don’t rape! Don’t steal!” How come no one says this?

Some persons are naturally self motivated. Why do we call the unmotivated lazy or unwilling? Where would their drive naturally come from?

And, how come you can send out a resume, pound the pavement looking for work, prepare yourself to seize the opportunity…but we must sit and wait for the one we love to find us?


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