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10 unusual signs that indicate you’re doing well in life

1. You have a workout regimen. You care about your fitness and overall health and make the sacrifice to put in the work.

2. You get to work on time. It may not be your dream job but getting to work on time shows that you respect your employer and yourself by making an effort to be punctual. According to the law of karma it is true that your returns in life will be in equal measure to what you give. Your boss may not acknowledge it but the rewards will come to you in another way.

3. You choose to be single rather than to settle for just any relationship. It’s because you know that a relationship is not worth having at the risk of losing you.

4. You put effort, even if it’s just a little, into looking good. When we feel good we vibrate at a higher level which draws good things towards us. Taking the time to ensure that you feel good about your presentation of self is right up there with being grateful for the life you were given.

5. There’s someone that will miss you if tomorrow you weren’t here. It could be a family member, a friend or even if its man’s best friend himself. (All pets count too.)

6. You’ve had rough days where everything fell apart and you felt like calling into work dead on more than one occasion, but through it all, you’re still here. There’s a higher force looking out for you. Believe that.

7. You laughed today. How many times have you laughed today? The average child laughs between 300 to 500 hundred times a day while an adult laughs only about 15 times a day on average, this according to So if you’ve laughed at least 16 times today, you’re doing better than most!

8. There is something in this life that makes your mouth water. What’s your passion? For me it’s writing. When I talk about it or think about it, yup, you guessed it. My mouth waters. For you it could be anything. What gets your senses pumping? If you can answer this question you’re doing well in life!

9. You have an outlet for those times life gets hard. It may be a trusted friend you can confide in, a therapist or even a sport like boxing where you beat the life out of the boxing bag. Whatever it is it is important that you don’t keep things bottled up inside yourself and that you allow yourself to let off the steam. Hey, ducks do it simply by rapidly flapping their wings after a fight.

10. You speak up for yourself. Hello! You know that your opinion matters about your life and you won’t let another human being convince you otherwise.


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