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My only goal for 2017 – Do Something!

So there I was, flipping through social media, continuously refreshing my Facebook home page looking for something – anything interesting. When that didn’t produce anything I switched to Instagram searching for the same thing until I stumbled upon a picture that made me think. Someone I “used to know” had gotten engaged. Then it hit me, how much this person had moved on and all of the things they had accomplished and then it made me think about my own life. How much had I accomplished? Some great things, sure. I’d landed a great job, did some traveling, moved….But was it enough? Was I satisfied? How much time had I wasted? How much was I wasting now? So that’s when I decided that my only goal for 2017 was going to be to Do Something.  Anything!

And so I shut my iPad and began getting stuff done. So many little things I accomplished in just a few minutes. So many things we take for granted when we’re either surfing the web in boredom, or complaining or watching t.v. There’s a lot we can be doing instead. And it doesn’t take a lot of time either.  Let me show you.

1. Exercise. In ten minutes you can:

  • do three sets of squats, ten reps each
  • A thirty second wall sit
  • Ten jumping jacks

2. Cleaning. In ten minutes you can:

  • Wash dishes
  • Sort through your  handbag
  • Throw out leftovers from the fridge

3. Planning. In ten minutes you can:

  • Organise your wardrobe for the week
  • Meal prep
  • Plan your after work schedule

4. Communicating. In ten minutes you can:

  • Call a friend you’d been meaning to catch up with
  • Talk to someone about something that’s been bothering you
  • Write a blog post

5. Mindul nothing. In ten minutes you can:

  • Unwind – no social media, no modern technology. Just you and a quiet moment with your thoughts
  • Think of things you want to accomplish like goals for the week
  • Stop complaining about the way things are and  do something. Make a banner, send a letter, join a group.

Whatever it is, we can all do something to accomplish just about anything. And while these might seem like little goals, I do believe the energy you put into your own life comes back to you. Little actions lead to big things. Doors will open. Someone of a similar consciousness will find you. For 2017 let’s make it our mission to do something. Anything!


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