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My Power List For Perfect Health

Now I’m not a doctor, let’s state that upfront, but recently I found out that someone in my family is battling with cancer and to cheer them up I put together all the things I had in the back of my mind I would do if I was ever faced with such a challenge in the form of a list. Some of these I mention in a previous post (that’s how you know I say what I mean and mean what I say. Lol.). I’m sharing this list  because I’m hoping it may help someone else facing an equally scary diagnosis.

Here is the list.

1. Apple cider vinegar – just a drop in an equal amount of water, on an empty stomach, first thing at the start of the day.

2. Garlic- crushed in honey or as a food seasoning.

3. Ginger- also as a food seasoning.

4, Clove – add it to sorrel or make a detox soup also containing ginger, garlic, parsley etc.

5. Cinnamon – this can be warmed and added to your Apple cider vinegar water.

6. Warm lemon water – every morning on an empty stomach. This can be added to the Apple cider vinegar for a greater impact.

7. Changing the tune a little, try to laugh everyday. Make a list of as many Comedic movies that you can think of to watch. Try to laugh everyday to build endorphins.

8. Eliminate or reduce the amount of negative News you watch. This can affect you subconsciously on so many levels.

9. Have you ever heard of the movie The Secret or read the book The Secret by the author Rhonda Bynes also by the same author? It explores the power of the law of attraction and of the mind and breaks down the power of this law’s ability to change ANYTHING.

10. The Power a book also written by Rhonda Bynes. It applies the Secret in such practical tips you wouldn’t believe that life and living could be that easy.

11. Joel Osteen podcasts. And in particular his book titled Your Best Life Now.

12. Dancing – self explanatory but I’ve never seen a person dance that didn’t feel good!

13. As powerful as chemo or garlic is there is Gratitude – keep making lists of things to be thankful for. From the most insignificant thing you can think of to the most profound. Then life will keep giving you more and more things to add to your lists.

14. The law of opposites – this is the law that proceeds the law of attraction. It explains why things go wrong before they go right. And if you truly understand it you will come to realize that it is the darkness before the dawn that lets you know that blessings are coming.

15. Christian D Larson author of Your Forces and How to Use them. It explores the power of training your subconscious to bring you what you desire. This book will lift your spirit and no matter what happens remember this one line from him: Proceed this very moment to the mountain tops of the strength you now possess, and whatever may happen do not come down!

16. Make endless lists of things you Love.

17. Coconut oil pulling – swooshing oil around in the mouth to pull toxins from the body.

18. Mixtures of Baking soda and water and drink it.

19. Tomatoes – cooked especially.

20. Turmeric with honey.

21.Dry brushing – especially first thing in the morning to drain the lymphatic system. Start at your feet and move upward continuously moving in the direction of your heart.

22. Visualization exercises. See in your mind healing. Picture what that would look like and feel like and hold on to that.

23. Mind movies – similar to making a vision board except that you go on the internet and save images of the things you want and let it play as a video, believing that you have these things or will have these things in your life.

24. Reflexology .

25. Aloes- crush up a little piece and drink it with water daily.

26. Charcoal tablets – to draw toxins from the body. Charcoal is so effective it can even pull medication you may be taking out of your body. So be mindful of this.

27. Green tea.

28. In addition to Exercise try the yoga move called The sun salute. Practical videos are online.  This move massages internal organs. Do this every morning.

29. Forgiveness – if there is anything that you are holding onto let it go, not for the other person but for you. Also release worry, fear and any of its relatives.

30. Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh- trust me, it’s not what you think.

31. The Law of attraction – the Secret by Rhonda Bynes explores this in depth but this can also be researched further in relation to the law of opposites.

32. Affirmations – repeat I am statements of triumph. I am getting better, I am feeling great. I AM healed!  But bare in mind that affirmations are only effective if you believe what you say.

And that’s the end of my list. If you have a similar list please share it with me in the comments section. 🙂


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