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A reminder to cherish the ones you love

Today I heard the worst screams.

A howling that would not stop coming from a woman that could not be consoled.

Persons gathered, stroked her hair, offered her a chair to sit on – yet she wailed and shouted and screamed. Regret in her voice, in her fists!

A moment that was, is no more.

“My husband!” She sobbed in shock and disbelief, “My husband died?!” The possibility never occurring to her before.

She was on her way to visit him at the hospital, walking down the corridor to the ward he was listed, when she was met by family members with this disturbing news.

My husband?!”

She was too late.

I watched this scene unfolding at a respectful distance (I was one floor up) and could feel this woman’s pain eminating from her being as other persons around her struggled to keep her limp body upright. Having lost my own father (while on my way to visit him at hospital as well) I cannot put into words how jarring the realization of never having another opportunity to speak with someone you love face to face, ever again in this life, feels.

So absolute.

And whether you can come to terms with it or not you must (for your sanity) accept the abruptness of that. Wow. That is life.

So if nothing else, I’m using this woman’s tragedy as a reminder to always cherish the ones I love, never part with them on a bad note. And I hope, in some small way, it’s a reminder to you too.


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