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Five reasons why I love Adele 

If you ask me what my favorite song is right now it would have to be Adele’s Send My Love. I love her ballsy IDGAF attitude which comes across raw in the video from the way she crinkles her nose to the dismissal of her ex lover with a wave of her hands.  She’s talented, no doubt about that, having won ten Grammys among other prestigious awards. But all of that doesn’t even begin to sum up why I love her.

1. Her songs have dominated my top ten favorite music lists for years

Since the release her debut album titled 19, Adele has just been belting out number ones ever since. Her songs are the barometer of what constitutes good music.

2. Her capacity to continuously put forward strong lyrical content

My word. Adele excels at this. Extracting her lyrics from Rolling In The Deep where she croons, “You had my heart and soul in your hands and you played it to beat,” one can appreciate the double meaning on the use of the word “played”. Or very recently, on the soundtrack for Send My Love (To Your New Lover) where she goads, “I was too strong, you were trembling. You couldn’t handle the hot heat rising. Mmm baby I’m still rising.”

Let’s just let that sprout roots and penetrate for a minute.

3. Her sense style

The fashion literate side of me has adored Adele’s selection of hairstyles, her use of minimal makeup and even her choices in dress over the years. Her brand speaks to classic sophistication – never imitating current trends so she’s always impeccably timeless.

4. She follows no one on Instagram 

5.  She’s legendary

Adele’s music is going to be played as a solace for relationship breakups for years to come. Lol. Her music and lyrics have guaranteed it.


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