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Learn a new language: sign language

He was all over social media recently. Luca Lampariello, the 35 year old that can speak 11 languages. Now not only is this in itself fascinating but he also gave 11 very practical tips on how anyone could do the same.  Some of the languages he speaks includes German, French and Mandarin and he spoke of his motivation for wanting to do this – motivation, being the impetus he relied on to fulfill this passion. But do we ever think about sign language when building our personal repository of new languages?

Back in high school I did, I tried my hand at it (no pun intended) as an extracurricular activity and learned a number of signs. Over the years, due to lack of practice, unfortunately, I’ve forgotten a lot of them but Lampariello’s remarkable story reinvigorated my drive to want to learn again. Like me, consider leaving the popular path and learning something new. It’s always nice to meet new people so consider for a minute how unique it would be to communicate with others in a whole new way!

One tip I remember from back then, is that when signing, signs should be formed close to the mouth just as one would form words orally. Here are five basic words you can learn to get started on this new journey.


Please and thank you!

Nice.Good morning!



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